International Education Congress of Korean Language organized at ULIM

“Se Jong” Center of Korean Language and Culture of ULIM in partnership with the Embassy of South Korea in Kiev organized during June 7th – 9th, 2018 the International Educational Congress of Korean Language.

The works of the Congress included plenary sessions and workshops in which had the possibility to participate professors, researchers, MA and PhD attendants from South Korea, China, France, Ukraine, Russia and Republic of Moldova.

The representatives of ULIM administrations welcomed the participants of the Congress. Thus, on June 7th, it took place the first meeting with the guests, where university professor, Dr. hab., Elena Prus, vice-rector for Scientific Research and Doctoral Schools, associate professor, Dr. Carolina Dodu-Savca, dean of the Faculty of Letters and Mrs. Kim Won Sim, director of the Department of Asian Languages of ULIM mentioned the positive aspects of the collaborations with the Universities from South Korea and China and the academic exchanges between students and educators, the teaching courses of Asian languages and the organization of conferences, seminars and cultural events. The parties have expressed also the willing to strengthen the current relations and to establish new partnerships in order to diversify and to continuously improve the programs of studies.

In the second and most important day of the International Educational Congress of Korean Language, the administration of ULIM met the Ambassador of the Korean Republic in the Republic of Moldova with the residence at Kiev, His Excellency, Lee Yang Goo. The ambassador was accompanied by a delegation from South Korea, represented by the Vice-president of the National Chonbuk University, Mrs. Myeongsook Yoon.

During the meetings, the associate professor, Dr. Alexandru Cauia, vice-rector for Academic Strategy and Programs of Studies, university professor, Dr.hab., Elena Prus, vice-rector for Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies, Mrs. Valentina Ciumacenco, director of International Cooperation Center of ULIM and Mr. Han Ho Jin, director of “Se Jong” Center of Korean Language and Culture recalled the role of the late rector Andrei GALBEN in the context of cultures diversification in university environment and they declared that “Se Jong” Center of Korean Language and Culture is an extremely important structure of ULIM, as it made possible the signature of the Memorandum between ULIM and another 14 Universities of South Korea, providing major opportunities for students and professors to have experience exchanges in one of the most developed countries of the world.

The representatives of ULIM administration thanked the Korean diplomate for his support and stated that they want closer relations with South Korea, and in order to accomplish this aspiration, the representatives of ULIM ensured that the Korean language and culture will be promoted intensively in our country.

The Korean ambassador mentioned that he came for the 5th time at ULIM and highlighted that the Moldavian-Korean relations are ascending, being based on bilateral cooperation, and ULIM is the private institution of higher education which by its longevity and activities variety may serve as model for the universities of post-soviet space.

The representatives of the academic environment of South Korea participated also in the event: professors Kim Jong Chul and Yoon Dae Suk from National Seoul University, Mr. Slang Bum Yoo, director of Korean Education Center from Ukraine and Mrs. Myeongsook Yoon, vice-president of International Cooperation from National Chonbuk University. The guests approached in their presentations themes related to issues and strategies used in extending the Korean linguistic education.

We recall that the Initiation Agreement of “Se Jong” Center of Korean Language and Culture of ULIM was signed on September 23rd, 2008 as a result of partnership relations established between the Free International University of Moldova and Embassy of South Korea.

On December 5th, 2008, the Center of Korean Language and Culture was inaugurated at ULIM and it is possible to observe the studies rooms modernly equipped, a functional office, a conference hall, didactic materials, all being sponsored by the Embassy of South Korea and “O.K.F” of Korea.

Beside the course of language and culture, this center develops a large and prodigious activity, materialized through mobility exchanges of students and professors with prestigious universities of South Korea, summer schools and complex institutional cooperation as providing assistance to the Department of Information Technologies from the Republic of Moldova, invitation of Korean world-class experts in fields of IT, taxes, economy for academic collaboration and strengthening of relations between Republic of Moldova and Korea, etc.

Press Service, ULIM