The number of young people eagered for careers related to Chinese language and culture is rising
Meeting of the founders of the CONFUCIUS ULIM Institute

A delegation from the North-West University of China, headed by its vice-president, Mr. Li Wanhong, visited ULIM at the end of 2017, in order to attend the general meeting of the founders of the CONFUCIUS Institute, that is unique in Moldova. The meeting was attended by Mr. Ilian Galben, ULIM’s interim rector, Ms. Ana Gutu, First Vice-President of ULIM, Valentina Ciumacenco, Director of the International Cooperation Center, Mr. Vladimir Chirinciuc, Vice-Deputy for International Relations, Mrs. Elena Prus, Vice-Director for Research, Mr. Quan Xiaohui, Head of the International Relations Section and Ms. Sun Mei, Head of the Administrative Section of the CONFUCIUS Institute at the North-West University of China.

CONFUCIUS Institute at ULIM, is becoming more and more popular in Moldova

The directors of the CONFUCIUS Institute at ULIM - Wang Yifeng and Radu Plămădeală - reported progress in studying the language and culture of the Great Wall’s Country in the Republic of Moldova and the growing number of young people eagered to have a career linked to this world economic power.

In order to integrate Chinese language teaching into the national education system of the Republic of Moldova, important progress has been made in developing the curriculum in accordance with the host country's requirements.

The CONFUCIUS Institute at ULIM, offers Chinese language lessons at the Faculty of Letters in the studing years I-III. In addition, there are about 150 registered students at 13 extra-university courses. The total number of students registered for studying the Chinese language reaches almost 700 people.

The PRC Embassy, faithful supporter of the young people willing to know the language and culture of the Great Wall’s Country

The RPC Embassy is a permanent guest of all events that are promoting the Chinese language and culture organized by the CONFUCIUS Institute at ULIM. In 2017, the diplomatic representatives participated in a series of events, involving about 3,000 young people, including the Spring Festival Feast, the tour organized by the PRC Culture Ministry at the International Book Fair at the National Library for Children.

We also refer here to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Moldova, the official reception dedicated to the National Day of the PRC and the charity show organized by the PRC Embassy in Moldova.

 The events organized by the CONFUCIUS Institute at ULIM, raise a major interest of Moldovan media, such as TV - CTC and Moldova 1 channels. Thanks to the good relations between ULIM and the Embassy of the PRC, the diplomatic psrties offer many facilities for the CONFUCIUS Institute activities.

The ULIM leadership expresses gratitude to His Excellency Zhang Yinghong, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador for his massive support. The late reverend Andrei Galben was always remarking about the important help of the diplomat from Beijing, enjoyed by the CONFUCIUS Institute at ULIM, truly considering him a true patriot of his country.

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