Academic and Cultural Partnerships between ULIM and the Rewprezentative of the Non-Resident Ambassador of the State of Israel

Mrs. Sima Mindelis, the first secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, gave, at ULIM, a public lecture on the history, culture and traditions of this country. In the context of the winter holidays, she refered to the modern visions of the Hanuca Light Festival, celebrated annually by the Jewish people. The lesson was organized in connection with the establishment of new academic and cultural partnerships between ULIM and the Non-Resident Ambassador of the State of Israel.

On this occasion, students and teachers were invited to taste traditional dishes cooked especially for the Feast of Lights by the organizers.

"For me, as an Israeli elder, this is a family celebration, which I greatly promote. The friendly relationship between the State of Israel and the Republic of Moldova dates back many years. A huge number of our citizens have their "roots" in this state. Hebrews from Chisinau, Balti, Soroca and other Moldovan localities returned to Israel in different periods of time.

They have created families, followed modern studies, and have achieved important functions. Worth mentioning is that the current Minister of Defense of the State of Israel, namely Avigdor Liberman, was born in Chisinau, "says Sima Mindelis. 

It is a tradition at ULIM, for the ambassadors and other personalities from the country and abroad to have public lessons

Ms Elena Prus, Vice-President for Research, spoke a speech of greeting to the high guest. "ULIM is truly an international university that promotes good relations between countries and peoples. We have a tradition of organizing meetings and lessons with diplomats and brilliant representatives from all spheres, both from the country and from abroad.

That is why we are glad to have at the ULIM, Mrs. Sima Mindelis, the first secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel. We want our students to know the culture and civilization of the Jewish people, particularly captivating by age, "says Ms. Elena Prus.   

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