ULIM, the first university partner of the Republic of Moldova of the Embassy of Qatar State

Today, Mr. Mohamed Elseikh, counselor of the Embassy of Qatar State in the Republic of Moldova, met with Mr. Vladimir Chirinciuc, vice-rector for international relations and Mrs. Valentina Ciumacenco, the director of International cooperation Center at ULIM. The diplomatic guest came at ULIM with the initiative to inaugurate in the near future the Aula of Qatar State, where the unique Arabian embassy in the Republic of Moldova will organize public lessons and other events interesting for the academic environment. Mr. Mohamed Elsheikh attended the Licentiate and Master studies at the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance of ULIM and he is deeply affectionate to our institution, he appreciates especially.

Aula Qatar - a first step toward cooperation

We mention also that His Excellence Naij Jassim Alabduljabbar, the vice-ambassador of Qatar State in the Republic of Moldova, attended the Master studies and now he continues his studies at Doctorate degree in the field of international law at ULIM. The diplomat declared that he is very enchanted with the university model of ULIM, where the students of the Republic of Moldova and the foreign students are treated differently than in other higher education institutions from our country.

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