ULIM confirms its leading position in higher education of the Republic of Moldova

For the fourth consecutive time, the Free International University of Moldova was included in the international ranking of higher education institutions – U-Multirank-2018, 5th edition.

The 5th edition of U-Multirank is the largest since its implementation, which includes 1614 higher education institutions from 95 countries.

U-Multirank is a multidimensional approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. It is the first world ranking that enables a complete view of university performance diversity, providing users with information on more fields of knowledge.

In comparison with traditional international rankings, U-Multirank web tools compare the performances of higher education institutions in the five dimensions of university activity: research, teaching and learning, international orientation, knowledge transfer (partnership with business environment and start-ups) and regional engagements.

The results ULIM achieved, ranks it on top positions and on positions comparable with those occupied by other universities from consortium. There are some of ULIM’s strengths, confirmed by U-Multirank-2018: the percentage of international students (including those from academic mobility) from the total number of students; the high percentage of BA and MA programs in foreign languages; full-time employed academic staff from abroad; scientific degrees awarded to foreign citizens; large number of strategic partnerships; high percentage of BA and Ma graduates employed in the region; high promotion rate of BA and MA programs during the assessment period; internships organized for students in the country and abroad; post-doc positions, etc.

From the 1614 universities of over 95 countries assessed in the 5th edition, 56% are from Europe, 19% - North America, 5% - Asia and 5% - Oceania, Latin America and Africa. ULIM is the first higher education institution of the Republic of Moldova enlisted initially in this ranking. See the ranking: https://www.umultirank.org/study-at/free-international-university-of-moldova.

The higher education institutions of the Republic of Moldova currently enlisted in this ranking are: Free International University of Moldova (enlisted for the fourth consecutive time), State University of Moldova (enlisted for the third consecutive time) and Technical University of Moldova (enlisted for the second consecutive time).

U-Multirank is the result of the initiative tackled in the conference organized under the French leadership of European Union in 2008. At that conference, it was requested a new ranking based on a methodology that reflects a variety of excellence dimensions in international context. Subsequently, the European Commission chose an independent consortium to make the ranking.  The Center for Higher Education (CHE) from Germany and the Center for Higher Education Political Studies (CHEPS) from Netherlands lead this initiative. They collaborate with partners as Center for Scientific and Technologic Studies of Leiden University (CWTS), Elsevier Publishng Company, Bertelsmann foundation and Folge 3 Software Company (for more details: https://ec.europa.eu/education/initiatives/u-multirank_ro).

Press Service, ULIM